OPIS compilation

What is the OPIS collection (Student OPInions Questionnaire) for?
The survey of the OPIS makes it possible to identify the strengths and critical aspects of the various courses.

How is the OPIS collection compiled?
To fill in the questionnaire you need to connect to the site www.esse3.unimore.it and follow the path Login> University services. On the page you will find the list of courses that can be evaluated by clicking on the "attending" or "non attending" button, depending on the method of enrolling in the course (students enrolled in the CdL in Digital Education they do not have to attend). If the course you want to evaluate is not indicated in the list, you can select "Search for teaching activities among those offered by your course of study".

Who can I contact in case of problems?
For any difficulty you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When is the questionnaire completed?
In the published time window it is possible to evaluate all the courses of the reference semester.
OPIS are activated at least two weeks before the start of the exam session e they are binding for registration for the 1st exam session.

How are the OPIS results used?
Twice a year the OPIS results are collected and analyzed by the President of the Course of Studies (CdS).

What if the OPIS results highlight a problem?
If the CdS president identifies criticalities within the courses provided, he or she contacts the teachers concerned to analyze the cause of the problems. The discussion can involve the entire board of the CdS so as to compare all experiences and points of view. The result is a proposal on how to improve the quality of teaching in the next edition, eliminating or at least reducing the criticalities identified.

Is the privacy of the compiler guaranteed?
Yes, the forms completed online by students are completely anonymous. The OPIS results are accessible to the teacher only if the number of completed forms is greater than 6. Furthermore, the teacher can view the results only a couple of months after the end of the lessons.